Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Melbourne Zoo

We're off to the Melbourne Zoo  on the weekend.  The middle pink is turning five next week and given the choice of a party and a family trip to the zoo she picked the zoo.  This is no great surprise to us as she has always adored animals.  As a result we've been talking zoo animals over tea for the past few nights.  (And making some rather interesting animal noises while we eat!!)

The littlest pink is nearly jumping out of her skin with excitement about seeing the monkeys. Perhaps because she shares numerous characteristics with them!!

The birthday girl says she loves them all but really wants to see the Zebras because they are so  stripey. 

This biggest pink is a sucker for anything baby and is heading straight to the baby elephants.

Personally I'm a big giraffe fan. 
Not sure but it might be a Ross/Friends/Madagascar thing or maybe just because they are such a bizarre and  beautiful animal.

The Dear One says he likes them all  but secretly I think he's a tiger man.

So, come Sunday we'll be heading off in 'Blue Bessy' car for a trip to Melbourne and a day out at the zoo.  I haven't been for years myself so am just a tad excited too.  I'm also pretty impressed with their admission charges - I was expecting them to be so much more. 
Do you go to your local Zoo?  What's your children's favourite animal to visit?  Any tips for a successful Zoo trip day out?


  1. YAY!!!! We love the Melbourne Zoo (We are FOTZ memebers so after the first 3 visits all the rest are free!).
    Say hi to the Meerkats for us :-)
    And happy birthday middle pink!!

  2. Will do Cate - Meerkats was actually the biggest pinks second choice!!

  3. We love the meerkats - they are Electronic Boy's fave. He spent ages with them at Adelaide Zoo when we went there last year. The pandas were really cute too. My favourite were the echidnas. Hope you have a great day and happy birthday middle pink xx

  4. yay! The Zoo is fab...we always have loads of fun there. Our twinnie pinks turn 5 tomorrow! Hope your little pink has a wonderful day....x

  5. I love a trip to the zoo...must remember to take our little one when he is a bit older :)
    Hope you have a fab day out!!

  6. Ooh, the zoo is fun! Hope the weather stays sunny for you! Enjoy!

  7. I have a soft spot for polar bears! The Melbourne Zoo is a great place..I visited a few years ago when on holiday.

  8. We love love love the zoo - the elephants, the orangutans - Am sure you will have the most wonderful time!

  9. Fun! I would LOVE to go to Melbourne Zoo. I adore taking the kids. And I used to love going before babies, too.
    Ellie loves the chimps, after the last trip to Mogo Zoo where one interacted with her through the glass window. Kahlei likes everything. James is a Meerkat man and I am completely in love with tigers.
    Can't wait to hear how your trip goes!

  10. What a fun day you have planned and I love that you shared your favourite animals with us! My babies don't yet appreciate the zoo, but that hasn't stopped us going to Alma Zoo and Australia Zoo in Brisbanes North. I look forward to re-visits when they get older. Can't wait to hear how you day went!

  11. Oooo how lovely! The Zoo is fab, for young and old. It's another one of my Mama and my traditions, that we go to Taronga at least once a year. We last went on the Easter weekend last year with my 2 year old (and me 6 months pregnant). Had an absolute ball!
    Hope your fam has a top day, may the weather be fine and your little lady have the happiest of birthdays :o)


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