Monday, March 14, 2011

'Mummy Moments' A $30 giveaway just for Mummy.

A beautiful rose from the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.
I was once told the becoming a mummy was the most difficult and the most beautiful thing I would ever do.  After living the life of 'mummy' for the past seven years I can fully attest to these words.  Every other achievement and trial in my life seems to pale in significance to birthing and raising my three little pink people.  Being mummy is a wonderful, heart wrenching experience that to be totally honest is sometimes a lot of hard work. 

Sailing around the blogosphere, as I do regularly, I read many similar experiences to my own. The hard work of balancing being mummy with work and other life commitments.  The pure blissful joy of watching your child grow, learn and reciprocate your love for them.  The hard and relentless days of sleep deprivation.  A very wise man once told me that 'most of us are like the rest of us' and as mummies I think that it totally true.  We're all walking the same well trodden path an experiencing the same trials and triumphs.

So today, in celebration of all things 'mummy' that we share I'm holding my own personal little giveaway.  This morning, while out grocery shopping with the three pinks, we picked out a lovely Coles/Myer gift card and put $30 credit on it.  I want this little gift to be a blessing for a fellow mummy, grandmother or carer.  In other words I want the person who gets it to spend it on something totally indulgent for themselves - and then report back to me and tell me what you did with it (I would even love you to write a guest post here on the Truth About Mummy to tell us all about it :)   Something crazy, something fun or even something practical - I don't mind as long as it makes your heart sing with happiness.  You might even like to spend it on your weekly shopping to free up $30 to do something fabulous that Coles/Myers don't offer.

So here are my giveaway rules.  Make sure you're following along with The Truth About Mummy and like my facebook page. Then simply tell me what it is that gets you through the hard days of life in the mummyhood.  That way we can all be inspired (or have a good giggle) as we read the comments.  Please also make sure you leave me an email address or have it on your blogger profile so I can let you know if you win.   The giveaway is open until Tuesday March 22nd and is open to all Australian residents. The only other rule  is to jump for joy if you win and do something that truly makes you smile.


  1. Hey love! The thing that gets me through motherhood??? VODKA!

  2. What a lovely idea Caz. When it is the witching hour and the kids are (and I am describing the last five minutes):
    - saying to their siblings "Stop whistling, you are annoying me"
    - throwing their dirty clothes in the final cycle of the washing machine along with all the clean clothes
    - playing in the empty bathtub when they should be getting jammies on
    - asking me to do things for them that they are perfectly capable of doing for themselves
    - saying in the most annoying whingeing voice on the face of the planet, "Stooooop Iiiiiiit!"
    - Roaring like a lion for no particular reason

    and my husband is in the spare room on the computer with the door closed, the thing that gets me through is:

    knowing that in 59 minutes it will be bedtime, and I get to cuddle them to sleep. Then once they are deep in slumber, I can walk out to the living room, pour myself a glass of wine and come read your blog and that of so many other wonderfully talented women.

  3. What a generous idea! What gets me through the harder days in mummyhood : the cute things my kids say and do. No matter how much I might struggle through the day and feel like nothing I say is sinking in, there is always SOMETHING that one of them says or does that makes me smile and remember that everyday is worth it :)

  4. What gets me through is knowing I can't give them back and I am stuck with them forever!! Haha nah I am kidding.

    What gets me through is the utter love and compassion they have for you. You can stuff up and they still adore you.

  5. You, Caz, are a beautiful soul and so very generous.
    The thing that gets my through right now is the thought of Thursday.. Day Care day, when my girls can have a break from me and I them.

  6. Hi Caz..what a creative gift and it will be such fun to see what someone does with it! My most frustrating 'mummy days' mostly ended with chocolate..but I swear that several rooms away tucked in their beds they could hear the rustle of foil and the smell of the choc would tickle their nostrils until they could stand it no longer and they would approach from around the corner of the lounge and ask 'Have you got chocolate?'. Always caught out!

  7. What a thoughtful giveaway! I'm not entering as I'm not a mummy but good luck to whoever wins it and do spoil yourself!

  8. Gorgeous & generous give away.
    What is it that gets me through? When my daughter comes up and gives me a big hug and kiss. Always makes everything better :)

  9. What a lovely idea, you are very thoughtful. I'm not on FB so can't enter but just wanted to say good on you!

  10. Fantastic giveaway! Im following via GFC publicly and am a fan our your Facebook page :) What gets me through the hard times is simply the good times. My son's giggles and when he tickles me, when we play hide and seek and when he makes me laugh by saying "ice pubes" instead of "ice cubes" (he cant say the 'c' sound yet).

  11. i'm not a mummy yet but i think the one things that kept and still keeps my mum from throwingme out onto the streets is her love.She can put aside the frustration and look beyond what I and my siblings do to love us for who we are.
    If i win, I'm going to spoil her!
    angelazhang athotmaildotcom

  12. What gets me through the hard days is the outdoors. For some reason my kids behave much better outside than they do at home and need me less, so I can just sit back and relax while they play. Thank you for thinking of us and I promise to jump with joy if I win ;)

  13. my daughter is happy and healthy, smiling, giggling and playing with her baby sister and brother. tough start to life means seeing her here gets me through the hard days always.

  14. Fab giveaway! What gets me through ids those precious hugs and kisses everynight from my little ones♥

  15. The thing that gets me through the tough times of being a muumy is when i look at my 3 yr old daughter and 2 yr old son asleep in bed. They look like two little beautiful angels.
    April Manley

  16. What gets me through is knowing im doing the best job i can, we only have them with us for so long, and them saying 'I love you' as i know they all do.

  17. Even when my DD4.5 has me banging my head on the wall and suggesting she play outside for her own protection, she can magic it all away just by saying "you're a great mummy!"

    Little manipulator!

    DD1.5 isn't particularly verbal yet, but to stop the sooking I can just throw an ice cube down her back and run away laughing. She will squeal with delight, and then sit down and quietly eat it!

  18. Caz, you have such a wonderful heart! This is a really beautiful idea.
    My daughter is rather cheeky, so when she knows I'm really upset with her, she says: ``why are you crabby, mummy?'', then puts her arm around me and her baby sister and says: ``I love you, girls''. It's so hard to remain crabby after that!!

  19. What gets me through the hard days is the look my daughter gives me when she wakes up and says -Mummy i love you -your the bestest mummy ever, or when my son just comes over for a hug :)
    following blog & just found you on fb :)

  20. Love reading all the comments, must try some of them! It got me to thinking what gets me through the hard times......possibly hearing Elliot say huff you mummy (translated: love you mummy) and coming and giving me random cuddles and kisses throughout the day.....and the fact that sometimes Claire will only go to sleep if mummy cuddles her tightly. I never thought I'd ever be a mummy but I am so glad that I endured 9months of gaining weight and then the 'horrible bit', which is horrible both naturally and surgically, because I absolutely love them to bits and couldn't think of life without them.

  21. kimberley belfordTuesday, March 15, 2011

    Sometimes I have no idea what gets me through everyday of motherhood- determination I guess.
    I won't be beat and I can do this.
    Some days you just wanna give up but you just can't.
    Other days I'm on top of the world (gotta love these days)
    But we take the good with the bad ;)

  22. Oh my. Such a wonderful generous gift. What gets me through the highs and lows of the day? It's the looking forward, to 7:30pm, and knowing that I'll have a few hours of peace and quiet all to myself.

  23. How lovely of you, $30 to spend all on my own seems a strange concept. The thought of nsp time gets me through the hairy moments, I can sit, have a cuppa and gather my thoughts.

  24. What a lovely giveaway Caz, you are so generous! What gets me through it? Baby smiles and giggles and the beautiful things that my son says to me. He can be such a ratbag but then comes out with the most lovely, selfless and thoughtful things. Makes all the bad things insignificant. Chocolate also helps.. and wine.

  25. What gets me through it is just looking at their faces and I feel all better!

  26. Hello Caz!
    I made it over to your Mummy giveaway finally! YAY! Mummahood is a bit of running all the time to catch up, lol, but inspires me to get through the day..... hmmmmm.... that tomorrow is a new day and if today is bad then tomorrow will be better and the I love being Mum when my daughter wakes up and is so cheery and just wants to give me cuddles and kisses.

  27. In my head I always think
    "If you dont laugh, you cry"

    And that gets me through just about anything.

    Must say you are such a lovely person for doing this.

  28. How lovely!! You're a nice chick. What gets me through motherhood? The absolute joy and reward of watching my kids grow. And feeling proud that I'm part of that. Oh, and regular massages, holidays and copious glasses of pink champagne. And blogging ... blogging definitely helps!

  29. What gets me through Motherhood? The knowledge these little devils will grow up, move out of home and have to look after me in a few decades...

    Nah ~ so not true ~ I'll look after myself because they might chuck me in some hostel out Upper Come-buck-da West and only visit at Easter. *chuckles*

    Seriously tho', I thinks its the way they have taught me to find pleasure in the simple things - that Bigger Better Faster is nothing compared to Enough Suitable Peaceful - they gave me that new mantra!
    Dealing with debt one dollar at a time ~ sharing our tricks as we balance the line

  30. monica scurlockSunday, March 20, 2011

    Just laughing at the crazy stuff kids can do,
    Just crying at the crazy stuff kids can do...:)

  31. However tough a sole day may be, I delight in the knowledge that I'm slowly moulding a decent adult... fully realising that the manufacturing stage will take a couple of decades before product launch celebrations!!! :)

  32. What gets me through the hard days of motherhood? Well the love and innocence in my children's eyes, then the big smiles and hugs that follow are indescribable.
    I don't feel i have "hard days" i see motherhood as a learning experience which i would never swap from anything.:)

  33. The Hard days seem like everyday don't they, I get through them thinking of how this is the most important thing I'll ever do in life and this makes me want to be and do my best.
    A laughing toddler helps too:)


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