Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dot Point Diary

    Me and the pig are just dropping in to say howdedodee and do a little dot point diary.
  1. I'm back working.  Only casually,  which is rather nice, but as with most things in my life it looks like this too will be tinged with a nice amount of insanity.  How easily I forget the frenetic pace of life within an underfunded and over frequented disability support agency.
  2. Road trip to the lovely Hindmarsh Valley (Victor Harbor) coming up a little more quickly and anticipated.  Yay!!
  3. Another room painted.  The master bedroom is starting to look a little more fabulous.  Struggling to hold my excitement as we're almost ready to lay the new floorings.  (Ensuit must be gutted first - sounds rather rude and unpleasant for the ensuit). 
  4. Commenced planning for the littlest pinks third birthday in just over ten days.  Now just how did my baby suddenly become three?
  5. I'm on wrapping duty for the kinder Easter raffle this afternoon. El-presidento must do here duty!  Sure hope we don't win.  Too much yummy chocolate involved there.  )And to top it off we have about a million tickets in the school one as well!)
  6. And finally,  sorry for the lack of bloggy commenting emanating from here at the moment.  Life is V busy and it's playing havoc with my bloggy mojo. 


  1. Sounds like things are still pretty busy at your place! My bloggy commenting has been lacking the past couple of weeks too but I've been reading ;)

  2. There's so much to keep you busy, Caz. And I love list posts! Great to still be able to keep up with what's happening in your life. :)
    Never mind the comments - work and family come first.

  3. How cute is that little piggy!! LOve it! OH Victor Harbour is gorgeous, enjoy your little holiday coming up!

  4. You sure are busy. A holiday sounds just like what you need!

  5. BTW - James, above is me. I had signed into hubby's account to check the blog's stats and forgot to logout again!

  6. What a busy week! I feel the pressure to get a proper job, too, but I've resisted so far.

  7. I love your piggy, he's CUTE! Wow, another birthday party, it's party season at your place :o) Reno's sound exciting... I hope to one day be there, but not for a while, too costly and TOO disruptive ;o)

  8. I'm exhausted just reading that! Don;t you find though, the busier you are, the more you get done!


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