Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grateful for my husbands other lover!

Today I'm Joining with Maxabella Loves to share the grateful spirit.

Today I'm grateful for my own royal wedding.  Well okay, not so royal, but pretty high up there on the scale of my own perfect day - so definitely worth sharing.   It will be 13 years in November since Daddy Pink and I had our own wedding day and though it wasn't broadcaste to a world-wide audience (and surely didn't cost 80 million pounds) it was, non the less, my own day of feeling like a princess and a memory I'll treasure forever.

For a perfect day almost 13 years ago I'm grateful.

(I decided early on in the planning process that the best way to get The Dear One interested in our wedding photos was to include his other lover!)

What made your wedding day special?


  1. That comment about including your husband's motorcycle made me laugh, because we included my husband's "other lover" in our photos as well-- his 1969 Ford Bronco. :)

  2. Hey Michelle - I think that just proves we're both smart women :O) Thanks for dropping by.

  3. You looked fantastic Caz! So glad you still remember it as a wonderful day.

  4. ha ha I was waiting for the other lover to emerge. Seems I needed it spelled out to me as I didn't get it, even from the picture. It's early here in WA! I think that is a lovely photograph, congrats on 13 years

    Gill xo

  5. Yay, i did a wedding post too. Funnily enough, we didn't have 2 billion people watching us 14 years ago either, but i felt well loved.
    Had to giggle that you included your husband's other love in the photos, i could say that about my husband's best man - they are SO close, his wife & i always say "they'll never leave us for other women", blokey love, i adore it. Love Posie

  6. Gorgeous! LOVE that photo - how cool!

  7. Love this picture. You look gorgeous. My day was special because it was my dream come true to marry the man I love. I did not care about anything else. N x

  8. What a perfect photo - love it. No wonder you're experiencing 13 years of bliss x

  9. What a great pic - his two loves (probably three... any guy on a beauty like that would have to fancy himself as well). I'm loving all the wedding posts we're getting to feast on. Thanks Wills and Kate! x

  10. Oh hello...what a fab photo!!! And such a crafty way to get hubby in the spirit of it!
    have a great weekend Caz

  11. My partners other love is his DVD collection and there's really no way to include that haha!

    Returning the love from Good, Bad & Unnecessary x

  12. Awww beautiful post Caz! I have no doubt your wedding day was extra special, what a gorgeous photo of you perched up on your hubby's other lover... my, that does sound like a fantasy ;o)
    Almost 13 years! Wow, what an achievement!

  13. What a gorgeous photo.

    We brought our big day forward by six months (planned and over in a few weeks) so my grandfather could give me away, he passed away not long after but it was just a magical day :)


  14. What a gorgeous photo Caz. Who needs to spend millions to make their day special..Thank you for becoming my 90th follower and your lovely comment. Have enjoyed reading your great blog.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Rebecca x

  15. How fab Caz! Love the photo and the bliss that this day still brings out in you 13 years later. It must be love. x2

  16. His other lover is nowhere near as beautiful as you.

  17. What a fun photo, his other lover has no chance compared to you. My husband used to have a motorbike, too, until he crashed it. I still have photos of my son on it when he was about 7 months old.

  18. I haven't been married yet, but I recently just posted a link about the stresses of picking out a perfect wedding ring on a budget, and I loved all the nice supportive things people said! I think my dream wedding would be with my current boyfriend, surrounded by people we love, regardless of any budget.

    Is that picture at the top of your blog a pic of you on your wedding day? Because it's absolutely gorgeous!!

  19. Marrying my husband was all I needed. I din't care about what the weather did, if people had fun. I just wanted to marry him. And I think having such a carefree attitude towards it all helped to make it the most perfect day ever! :)
    Gorgeous photo of you and your man. x

  20. I don't dare show the gorgeous pic of you and your husband to my husband. Because it may strengthen his desire for a cool motorbike as well. He needs no encouragement at all! LOVED my wedding day. It was bliss.

  21. Very cute- the title made me stop by really! :)

  22. Hi Caz,
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  23. LOL! I love his ``other lover''! Whatever gets them interested, hey?
    I had a hubby who was involved in every minute detail - which was mostly great, but occassionally frustrating!!! hehe!


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