Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grateful for three and the pink triangle!

Grateful For ...
A little girls delighted face as she opened her presents.
A pink triangle birthday cake
Brand new hot pink gumboots
A floor covered in pink wrapping paper
A brand new three year old.

Happy birthday my darling littlest pink - mummy loves you to the moon and back and again!

The birthday cake.  Iced on a box lid - because it wouldn't fit on my cake boards!


  1. Happy birthday liitle pink! Cake looks great!!!

  2. How fabulous does that cake look?

    Happy birthday to your darling girl...I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with love, joy and laughter.

  3. ...and now I want cake! Happy birthday to your wee one.

  4. That's a great cake Caz... have a lovely weekend. gxo

  5. Sounds like a great birthday celebration was had by all in your that pink triangle cake..delightful..georgeous spots!

  6. Spots?????...cross that out and write Stars!!! what am I thinking??

  7. Had to laugh at the cake. My biggest girl turns 3 in about 2 weeks. The only instructions I have been given is that the cake has to be pink! Maybe a pink triangle would suit...

  8. awww...bless your littlest pink =) This cake makes me giggle, I love that the request was for a pink triangle! Gorgeous Caz. Hope you all had a lovely day together and well done mumma, you now have three BIG pinks in your little home. xoxox

  9. Ahhh a masterpiece Caz! Well done, a beautiful looking cake... as I'm sure it tasted also :o)

  10. Happy birthday little one :-)
    Hope you guys had a really great day...and hope you are all enjoying this little last gasp of warm holiday weather!!
    thanks for visiting me the other day too - I really appreciate it :-)

  11. Happy birthday to your little pink.
    Caz, that cake looks amazing! I love it. And I have no doubt your little girl did too.

  12. What a stunning cake. Caz. It's a triumph. Happy birthday indeed! x


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