Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Happy/Sad Mummy Moment

Today is the last day I will be the mummy of a two year old - Ever! 

Does that mean there will be no more tantrums?
Probably not I suspect.  But my life is moving on and stepping forward from babies.
.   The warm heavy weight of babies in my arms has been replaced by little people with minds, questions and desires of their own. 
The baby paraphernalia, that had been a permanent fixture in my house for seven years, has all but been given away.  
It's another happy/sad moment on my travels through the mummyhood. 
My emotions are very mixed - but I am a little excited about life with three independent(ish) children and little more time for myself.
Today's job: Make a pink  triangle cake as requested by my  gorgeous littlest pink who is almost three!

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  1. They will always be your babies no matter their age, you will enjoy every stage of your journey :)
    Happy cake baking!!

  2. Your post made me cry. No babies, no tantrums (well, not quite)? That is a reason for a tear, for sure. Happy birthday to your little one and enjoy the journey.

  3. I do is kind of bitter sweet! I loved having two year olds too..and they grew up as well. I guess I should be grateful for that.

  4. Aww. So, bitter sweet. It's such a big thing to go from having babies to having little people and no babies. I would (will) shed a tear.
    Happy Birthday to your littlest pink.

  5. Ohhh lovely post Caz, really interesting take on it too.
    I am betwixt and between right now. My second bubs will be 1 in less than 3 months! I almost can't believe it. The past year has flown. Whilst I feel pangs of desire to have another newborn around the house, there is part of me that likes the idea of the 'little people' and their independence.
    So even though we're at different stages, I'm hearing ya loud and clear :o)
    Hope your little pink has a wonderful 3rd birthday... and I'd love to see that pink triangle cake... they like to request the odd shapes don't they!?

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  7. I've got the mixed emotion thing happening too. It's sad to leave those sweet times behind, but also so exciting at what lies ahead!

  8. Oh happy birthday littlest pink. I too have spent the day making a cake (or three!) for my eldest who only has a few days left being two. I can only imagine the feelings you are having today (and will probably have tomorrow too!)...definitely more for me yet :)

  9. Happy Birthday to the Littlest Pink. It's amazing how we sometimes complain about a stage in our kids' lives (or maybe that's just me?) and then when they're about to move to the next we feel sad. Motherhood is so bittersweet.

  10. Oh no! Two is such a precious age and so far, the 'terribles' have hit during the threes in this household. A happy birthday to yours... gxo

  11. Oh Caz. So bittersweet. And when it's your youngest, all those things that will be the 'last' time. Enjoy every one of them. xx


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