Saturday, April 23, 2011

Things to be grateful for

With Maxabella away celebrating Easter I'm  holding my very own grateful Saturday today - because I believe being grateful is an important key to a happy life.  So here is this weeks Truth About Mummy grateful list.

I'm grateful that my blog has return to normal now that Photobucket have sorted out their issues. Yay I have headers and titles again .... **insert happy dance here**.

I'm grateful for Kids Business/Room To Grow Melbourne Mummy Blogger brunch on the 6th of May and the chance to meet some fabulous local mummy bloggers.  Let me know if you're going too - so we can meet IRL!

I'm grateful for the super silly  Easter Egg Hunt  I'm planning for the pinks tomorrow.  Now the biggest pinks is a good reader I'll be able to leave notes and send them all over the place in search of their chocolate googies.  I have it all planned out in my head and will spend tonight writing notes and get up super early Sunday morning to hide the eggs. I'm also grateful we live in a country were you can celebrate your religion freely and shout out 'Thank-You Jesus' if you want to.

I'm grateful for time at home this week.  Time to potter, decorate, bake, play and just be mummy with my pinks.   My home is truly my happy place and I'm oh so grateful for it.   (My new carpet is only weeks away now).

What are you grateful for this Easter Weekend?


Open until the 2nd of May, 2011


  1. Oh, so sad the catch up is on friday (one of my work days...I would have loved to me you!!). And so glad to see your blog is back to normal...all those photobucket error messages all over the blogsphere were starting to freak me out!
    I'm grateful today too (despite the maxabella holiday!)
    Have a super fantastic easter my friend

  2. Lovely to see a grateful post this weekend :o)
    Your easter egg hunt sounds terrific! I'm planning a mini one, as this will be the first year Angus has been old enough to understand. I'm pretty excited about it too :o)
    Hope your Pinks have a ball.
    This Easter weekend I'm grateful for wonderful family.

  3. Such a cheerful grateful.
    Glad your blog is back to beautiful.
    I wish was able to go to that lunch ...
    Yay for Jesus and the freedom to celebrate it.

    I love my new carpet but I am very obsessed about the boys making a mess on it ...

  4. Caz! look forward to meeting you at the lunch. will be heaps of fun. We 'grateful' you coming!

  5. Blogs look so much better without Photobucket error messages all over them, don't they. I am grateful for Easter, it will have to be my favourite holiday. Even though my husband is working and my son is sick, so kids and I will probably be spending Easter by ourselves at home.

  6. I can't make the catch up either as I'll be at work too :( I'm grateful for lot's of things, so I did my own blog post!

  7. Just visiting today, hope you had a wonderful Easter!

    And I'm greatful for all things green!

  8. lovely Caz...a smiley grateful. Time home just pottering with little pinks is the best!

    Hope you all had a great Easter.




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