Monday, April 25, 2011

Three Fabulous Books

Just one important thing before I begin today.  Today being ANZAC day in Australia and New Zealand I'd like to take time to say thank-you to the service men and women, and their families, who have sacrificed in so many ways so we can live in this beautiful free land of Australia. Your effort and love for you land and people is not forgotten.

And now Three Fabulous Books

Sitting on my coffee table right now, I'm happy to say,  are three rather fabulous books.  When I get the chance to sit down for a few minutes I delve into one of them and get lost looking for inspiration and information.  Having a stash of  good books is one of the things in life that truly makes me smile.

 First up it the blogosphere's very own Planning Queen's Planning With Kids (Nicole Avery).  I was lucky enough to be able to order this book before it was released and have my very own signed copy.  When it arrived in the mail the Dear One read the back cover and told me this book was right up my alley.  (He knows me so well.) This is a fabulous book filled with tried and true advice for living an organised and fun filled life with kids.  Nicole should know - she has five herself and is organised enough to be able to bring them up, write a highly successful blog and author a book (among other things I'm sure).  I can really recommend this book to all families.  You can order a copy at right here if you'd like to see what I'm on about.

A friend and I have been on the search for an inspirational  book to read together 'book club/study style' for a while now.  We both were fortunate enough to once belong to an amazing womens' group where we read books and came together to  discussed our thoughts, feeling and lives with each other.  It was run through a local church but was very non-judgmental and caring - a place where you could really bond and share with other women from all different generations and backgrounds.  We've been trying hard to recapture a little bit of this.  There is something so powerful about women coming together to share their thoughts, beliefs, concerns and joys while dropping the competitive (can I say bitchy) side that seems to lerk within  our complex female natures.  In my experience this is pretty rare - but totally fabulous when it happens.  Anyway I  digress.  This is the book we've chosen to read.  What made me fall in love with the idea of this book is firstly a review which read "it will mess with your mind in a beautiful way"  - how I love the sound of that.  And secondly that it focus on being grateful and in that I"m a big believer.   It's by Ann  Voskamp and explores the ramifications of her parents losing a toddler in tragic circumstances when she was young and how this has shapes her life and view of God. 

The final coffee table offering is this classic by Shannon Lush.  How thrilling is it to know the secrets to removing stains. Okay, yes I'm revealing my dorky domestic side here. I love finding a new trick to clean and restore.  It's a secret little passion of mine.  I found this copy at Aldi this week and snapped it up with a smile on my face.  Thank-you Shannon for giving me some new tricks to try.

How about your coffee table - reading anything good that needs to be shared?
And no, I did not write this post in my PJs sitting on our front Verrandah in the lovely Autumn sunshine while the girls played Real Estate Agents with their bikes. (Note to self, time to settle and stop moving house.)  But then again - maybe I did :O)


  1. i'm also reading one thousand gifts...amazing no?

    the first book looks right up my alley!!

  2. Wow - that is really rather amazing moutain muma. Especially considering we live on the other side of the world to each other :O)

  3. I've just been reading Anne Geddes Labor of Love: An Autobiography, it's made for quite good reading that I can just pick up and read a bit of every now and again

    My usual coffee table books though seem to be photography based or short fact based. Just something that, like above, can be picked up and read in short bursts :)

  4. I may have to check out 'Stainless'..I have one of her other cleaning books which I browse through or check into occasionally. The bit though when she says to do a task weekly though..I just studiously ignore! Sorry Shannon!

  5. Thanks for the recommendation for one thousand gifts, I've been looking for a new book just this weekend!
    Did you like my bits of wisdom in Nic's book?? :-)

  6. An Idiots Guide to the Seven Chakras. Believe it or not ;)

  7. I am so ordering Planning with Kids - I am a colour-coded chart champion so this sounds very appealing. Suddenly having three has knocked me off my organisational pedestal so I need a bit of inspiration. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. I am so getting me a copy of one thousand gifts :)

    The planning with kids looks like a pretty good book too.

  9. Sadly I can only read on my iPhone. Books are hard to carry around in a hectic life :( And what I'm reading now? My driving manual so I can get my full license. So pathetic!

  10. I want to read all of those books. First though I need to finish my own pile before I get any more. they look awesome and now I am motivated to finish what I have :) enjoy and I so love a good book. N x

  11. I have such a big pile at the moment, plus books on my eReader!! Aarrgghh.. LOL!
    I'm really keen to read Planning With Kids. I'm hearing some great reviews.
    Happy reading!! xx


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