Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are our Kids at risk from WiFi?

While kicking back and relaxing to the start of the new season of Offspring last night my attention was grabbed by a promo for another show which proclaimed new research into the dangers of  WiFi type technology for children.   Always in for a good worry about child related safety I was immediately sucked into a small vortex of panic about whether our home modem WiFi is in fact doing damage to the brains of the beautiful little people I love.   Cancer, tumors, low concentration levels what am I unknowingly inflicting on my babies by blogging on the couch?

As you'll already know if you regularly read here one of my less helpful hobbies is waking up at night for the sole purpose of worrying unnecessarily about stuff.  Any stuff really and  it can occupy me for hours!   One of the things that often strikes fear in my heart at 3.00am is electromagnetic radiation.  Yeah really, but perhaps should  explain.   A few months back we renovated.  After removing a wall or two and then adding a few more here and there we moved the pinks bedrooms and their playroom to the other end of the house.  (Sounds so simple when you say it like that - and don't mention living with sheets as walls in the middle of a Ballarat winter or our Danger Mouse stone deaf builder.)  What I didn't consider was that this would leave the mains power box for the house on a child's bedroom wall.  And here we have the beginnings of my nocturnal worrying about electromagnetic radiation.  I've discussed my fears with the Dear One and others and come to the 'day time' conclusion I'm probably worrying about nothing - but 'just in case' her bed is now positioned so her head can rest at the furthest point from the meter box.  
Disclaimer - this is not my child (thanks google images).

But now I have some more food for my fears!  So this morning I've been surfing the net getting acquainted with the European study which lead to the discussion in the first place.  The study questions whether WiFi should be allowed in schools due to the undetermined risk.  Evidently behavioural concerns and lack of concentration are being looked at closely as well as the risk of cancer.   Here is an article from The News which outlines it all.  As with most similar debates if you look for long enough you'll find information to support both sides.  Not really much help for the over conscientious worriers amongst us.  On the one hand I get really cross that as a mother (parent more specifically) we are forced to worry such a lot about our children these days (and as you can see I don't require help on that front) and often marketed to in a way which plays on those fears for profit.  Yet, like every other mother on  the planet I don't want to place my kids in danger and I sleep much better knowing I've done all I can to protect them from harm - both now and in the future.

And all this just because I decided to banish the Dear One to the playroom to watch the umpteenth rerun of Top Gear while I chilled out with Offspring.  That'll teach me!  Do you worry about this wireless WiFi world we're living in or should I just choose to take a chill pill and watch some more mindless TV (with the adds firmly muted!)


  1. I think you're very wise to worry Caz as I do too! I was out to dinner with some friends and one mum was explaining how her little boy had been terrible company, grumpy and ill, and had taken him to a nutritionist. He had very high levels of somethingorother (not too good remembering technicalities) due to exposure to the power box on his bedroom wall. So, they moved him, flushed out his system and he's better than he's ever been in his short, little life. I think it's always worth considering these things... gxo

  2. Oh no Georgie - now I'll be worried again now! There is just far to much to worry about in life :)

  3. Can you build something around the box so that it sheilds anything harmful for the kids? I do worry about the effects of mobile phones on peoples brains but the one you've mentioned is new to me.

  4. How good is it having Offspring back on?!! Yay, I love it.

  5. I hadn't thought about it before, but now I'm worried - good one!

    In the rental we had before we bought this house, our wireless modem was in Liam's room because that was where the wall outlet was. We didn't notice any change in behaviour or health though so didn't think twice about it. Now his bedroom is at the end of the house and the meterbox/switchboard is on the exterior wall of his room. Mind you, the house is on a slope, so the meterbox would actually be below his room on the outside, but still! Will definitely keep an eye on his behaviour now!

  6. thx - needed something else to manically stress over!!!
    Let me know if you find an answer!!


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