Monday, May 2, 2011

Confessing my shame

I had a planned post for today but instead I'm going to share with you how I almost lost my licence for a month this morning on the way between kinder and school.   Such an innocent simple little drive I take every week - but today it taught me a rather big and uncomfortable lesson.

I was speeding *hangs head in shame*  Monday mornings are always a little on the manic side around here.  The kinder drop off is at 8.45am and after a few minutes settling the middle pink into an activity we dash off to drive about 8kms back out into the country to the biggest pinks school. This usually involves some very quick maneuvers to get the littlest pink into her car seat  and a well paced drive which  usually gets us  to school just in time to throw lunch boxes, drink bottles and reader bags into their tubs before the bell goes for assembly.  Today the kinder doors did not get opened until after 8.50am - gulp. 

I remember looking at Blue Bessie's clock (that's our family car) and seeing that it was already 8.55am when we got back in.  I can also remember seeing the 80km 'slowing down please' sign as we scooted through the paddocked roads on our way to school and actually thinking 'it won't matter we're not even in town yet'.  And just as this thought floated out of the other side of my mind I remember seeing the flickering of lights behind me.  It did matter!

As two little pinks sat in the back seat the nice officer told mummy off for speeding so much she may well have lost her licence for a month.  He patiently explained how much more important it is to arrive safely than on time - especially with children in the car.  And then he dropped his bombshell by asked me who was going to take the children to school tomorrow as mummy may well not be driving for the next month.   By this stage my heart was sinking slowly slowly down to my shoes and my eyes beginning to brim with hot shame filled tears.   

Whether the nice officer felt sorry for me or was just in a really good mood following a nice morning at home before his drive to work I'll never know but he let me off with a warning.  He told me to go home and sit and have a very good think about what I'd done and I looked up at him with my big sad tear filled eyes and told him I would. (Does a blog post count Mr Officer?).

Speeding is dumb.  Speeding with kids in your car is even dumber. 



  1. Oh no you poor thing how scary and yes embarrassing to boot. It definitely sounds like he was in a good mood and thankfully you got off with a warning.

    Sometimes it takes a scare like that to force us to learn a lesson.

    Now go and find some chocolate, sounds like you need it xx

  2. Oh Caz, I just read this and thought "there but for the grace of an absent police car this morning goes me". Freya had to remind me to slow down for the school zone this morning as I was distracted by trying to break up a fight between the twins. I felt so bad that my 6 year old was paying more attention to the road than I was since I am always berating other drivers for not doing the right thing. Sometimes even good mummies do bad things :)

  3. Your honesty and humility is refreshing. I think you have taken that lesson on board well. I think he's right won't really matter if the pinks are a couple of minutes late as long as they're safe.

  4. Thank you ladies :) Carol - 100 percent agreed.

    Kate - little miss G has reminded me several times today already I was driving too fast. She was playing little people just then and told the driver not to go fast or the man will tell her off!!

    Rebekah - I am very thankful and have learned my lesson :)

  5. This is why I love your blog. I love your honesty and humility. You are not the only Mum who has found herself in this situation but thanks for reminding us all of what's really important! Arrive alive not on time!

  6. Oh my. Lucky girl getting away with a warning. I'm a bit of a lead food and have to control my urge to drive fast.

  7. Those empty country roads find me driving too fast sometimes as well, Caz... I will, however, be learning from your lesson today... gxo

  8. I wish I'd had a nice police officer the first time I got a ticket. I was 42 and on day leave from a mental health facility, having driven since I was 17 with not one single ticket. I was driving to my brother's house for the first time and found myself in the wrong lane, and changed safely I thought.
    The officer spoke over me as I began to explain, and I started crying and he left me there, a crying mess. Later, I saw that he had the street I was in wrong - way wrong - and I could have had the ticket dismissed. But I was too fragile at the time to contest it.
    I'm still really upset about it, as the idea that I was changing lanes wrongly is still up to contention ... I believe I was right.
    Anyway - police please be kind, because you don't know what someone is going through.

  9. Mate - that's tough MaidinAustralia. It's really confronting being pulled over. I was the same - a first timer. I think I lucked out with a really nice older Mr Officer who really did seem to actually care about the danger I was putting the kids in. But your story is just sucky. No disrespect intended to the many fine Mr Officers out there but your Mr Officer sounds like he may have either been very new or on a power trip. Sorry to hear you were treated like that:(

  10. Ooh I'm so glad he was in a good mood for you! We all do it - I'm the same! I try not to with the kids in the car, but inevitably I get distracted and miss the change of limit - lucky for me I haven't been nabbed yet!

  11. Oh Caz, you are so cute! Not for speeding, but for your honesty and how it has obviously impacted you much the way it would a child being told off for doing something naughty. Oh you poor thing. I would have been bawling the minute I saw the policeman approach the car. I get nervous being pulled over for a breath test and I have NEVER driven after drinking in my life. I have, however, sped. I know it's stupid and wrong and totally inexcusable, but as a Mama, we are so pushed to our limits the majority of the time.
    I remember when I went back to work with my first bub (he had turned one), the amount of driving I had to do on those work days was RIDICULOUS! But, I had to do it and alot... ok ALL of the time I would push the speed limit in that morning rush, just to get to work on time... with my little man in the car!
    Silly silly me.
    So, we've all been there Caz, don't beat yourself up :o) xo

  12. Great post. Good on you for confessing. Lesson learned - and you shared that lesson with all of us!

  13. i am glad you are honest enough to post something like this, too many people lose their lives by speeding each year, maybe this will get the word across to a lot more people than just yourself. I dont mean this in a bad way at all just glad you posted about it

    shel xx

  14. Oh, you gave me a lump in my throat. I can imagine what that would feel like.

    I hope that never, ever happens to me. I'm not a speeder (I live in the City - and with the traffic it's almost impossible to do so!).


  15. Oh darlin! Many hugs. I got busted for speeding by a FORMER STUDENT once in a school zone. It was indefensible on my part. She greeted me with a knowing grin and said 'Hi there!' I wanted to die of shame. I simply wasn't concentrating and my then 3 month old was howling in the backseat. Not an excuse. Thankfully she let me off and I am now one of those fanatical non-speeders as well. Lots of love xxxx

  16. Timely post for me - I have a lead foot also - inexcusable, but I get so distracted.... inexcusable. How scary fo you to almost lose your license - thank goodness for nice policeman! Thanks for your honesty today :)

  17. It happens to the best of us unfortunately. We should have our attention on the road 100% of the time, we all know what happens when you are distracted and none of us want that - but it happens. We know, better late than never - but sometimes we get caught up in the urgency of the situation and desire to be on time - it happens. We are human and we aren't perfect, but you are wiser for what happened and you're sharing it to remind others to not speed. Live and learn, but don't dwell xx

  18. Oh yes. A blog post certainly does count! Thanks for this post, and for being so honest (as you always are) about this stuff. He is right. It is better to arrive safely and be late. But it certainly is a mad run you have every day. Poor you. Life is mad with all those little pinks in your life ;) xx


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