Thursday, May 5, 2011

An early Mothers Day gift - with tears.

 It doesn't seem to matter to a  mother's heart how many little hand prints come home from kinder for mothers day with this beautiful little verse attached.  The result is the same - tears in my eyes.

 It reminds me so beautifully that despite the hardships and hard work of motherhood it's only a season and I need to relish it, love it and let the small mistakes, messes and sleepless nights pass me by.  These wonderful little pink people I'm  raising will all to soon be independent young women ready to set sail on a life of their own. Their childhood will be a memory.  My time and effort now is a gift to them that I hope and pray will make their journeys both easier and happier - rather than the other way around.  Cleaning finger prints off the wall (and the million other little chores that befall a mummy) is a small price to pay for knowing I've done all I can do to help them be the best big pink people they can be.  And now more tears - I swear I'm getting more emotional with every post!

I love you my little pink people and if you ever chance to read this blog in the future (when you are big pink people) know my heart is for you and I love you beyond measure.   I know I make mistakes and I don't always get it right, because I'm learning and making things up as I go too. But I do love you and I will treasure all of your hand prints, pictures, cards and every moment I have with you.  Love you little pink people - Mummy.



  1. Oh, that is just beautiful, Caz. You've made me cry now. We are so fortunate to be blessed with these little people in our lives.
    There's nothing better than a homemade pressie, is there?! Maybe their kisses and cuddles! Big hugs to you. xx

  2. beautiful Caz, definitely triggers a few tears.
    hope you have a wonderful mothers day, not too many tears, but lots of big cuddles ♥

  3. Yes this is a very special verse isn't it? My eyes have welled up everytime I have received it from my children...and the best presents are those made by the little hands of our little ones. They are my most cherished possessions.

  4. Gorgeous.
    Your little pink people asre very lucky too.
    Thank you for a lovely, timely reminder after a completely horrid, tantrum filled, infuriating and humiliating toddler day yesterday.
    Perfect medicine - along with a glass of wine.

  5. Gorgeous Caz.
    Enjoy your Mother's Day with your special little ones.
    It does all pass us by far too quickly.

  6. You know, I often refer to this stage of our lives as a chapter, but I think I prefer your definition of 'season'. So beautiful

  7. My eldest mr s..did me a lovely hand print when he was five, at a Pottery class during one of his holidays. I still have it and love it. It's amazing to think they touched it and left that mark at a particular point in their lives.

  8. Oh goosebumps Caz, this is beautiful. How incredibly sweet is that little hand mould... and the verse! My, that did bring tears to my eyes too.
    I only said to hubby this evening how fast our big boy is growing... as he sat on the lounge reciting his alphabet, in his own little world. He makes my heart break and sing all at once.
    Your little pinks are lucky to have a Mummy like you :o)

  9. Lovely post - a timely reminder to enjoy every moment with our kids, I know I need a reminder occasionally, esp. when stressed and busy (which seems to be more often than not lately!) Thanks for this wonderful tribute to your kids!

  10. I got this same poem with a painted handprint from my son two years ago. And I cried, too.

  11. Beautiful Caz.
    Whenever I see handprints that rhyme comes to mind. With my almost 18yr I have seen it in a few different versions over the yrs and it never fails to make me smile & nod.

  12. Aww. What a beautiful post. And you're right. Of all the 'treasures' that come home, the handprints get me every time.

  13. Speaking of tears... I think I might have welled up a bit reading this beautiful post. You have a wonderful way with words Caz. xx


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