Monday, May 23, 2011

Hannah Montana Forever, Yogurt & a giveaway

The biggest pinks first contact with Hannah Montana was at four year old kinder.  She has never been overly interested in television and at four her viewing habits didn't go beyond an occasional ABC kids session and of course Top Gear! (She has been sitting on her Daddy's lap watching Top Gear pretty much since birth  -  it's their Daddy/Daughter time she loves it.)  Anyhoo her bestie at Kinder had a big sister who was obsessed with Ms Montana and as a result Hannah Montana Yogurt regularly made an appearance in Besties kinder lunch box.   

Zoom forward a couple of months and it's my biggest pinks 5th birthday and  she's having one of her now famous (well within the confines of our four walls) impromptu singing concerts with her friends.   Ms Montana's name was soon brought up by two of the girls who also had older sisters and a little argument ensued about who was going to be/play Hannah Montana.   The biggest pinks looked a little bemused by this and after watching the passion building in the argument for a few minutes put her hands on her hips and declare to them "why do you both want to be yogurt!"  Why indeed?

Regardless of your opinion of Hannah Montana, the yogurt or the real thing,  there is no doubt she has had an impact on a generation of young tweeny girls.   Hannah Montana Forever (The Final Season) is, as it sounds, the final season of the show.  It's being released to Disney DVD on the 8th of June, 2011 as  a double disk (13 episodes) 'special edition' package.  (Retailing at $49.95 and rated G.)   Based on the theme of the 'girl next door' who is actually a mega rock star, it uses silly tween humour to explore issues like  family, relationships, fitting in socially and exploring life as an early teen.   Hannah  struggles to deal with everyday life issues which are further complicated by her hidden life as a famous singer.  In the final season, these struggles reach there pinnacle when she reveals her real identity to her fans and high school friends alike.  

While the premise of many of the episodes could be used to open discussion with your children about a lot of worthy topics I can't say I'm a huge fan.  I struggle a little with Ms Montana's general attitude and her occasional lack of respect.  But I'm guessing most 8 - 12 year olds would probably disagree with me.  Generally, I think if you're willing to take the time to sit, watch and talk through the presenting issues with your young people there is merit in Ms Montana.  It is, without a doubt entertaining to those in the 8 -12 ish age range - they seem to be glued to the TV watching it!

The lovely people of DisneyDigital Parents and Porter Novelli have given  The Truth About Mummy one copy of Hannah Montana Forever to giveaway.  Yay - we love a giveaway here.   Simply make sure you're following along either here or on our facebook page and leave  a comment telling me what or who you'd be if you had a secret life none of your friends new about.      Giveaway closes Wednesday 1st of June and the winner will be selected by the random number generator  and announced here on the 2nd of June.  (Please remember to leave me your email address  if it's not on your blogger profile, so  you can be notified.)  Open to Australian residents only. Goodluck.

All opinions expressed in the review are my own and I have received no payment for this review. I was supplied with a free copy of Hannah Montana Forever - the final season.


  1. We used to watch Hannah Montana every day when I was on mat leave - Liam used to take 40mins per feed and he fed right when there was nothing else on TV - so Hannah was the lesser of all evils and I came to like it. Yes there is the attitude issues, but in the Hannah Montana movie (yes, I admit I've watched it) did address the issues with being a Diva and how it pushes all of your family and friends away and how you have to get back to your roots to be the person you should be.

    As for a secret life for myself, I would love to be an author - to be able to write, have people love the way I write, and get joy out of it would be amazing! I love reading other people's work and would love to be able to create and express myself like that. But I wouldn't want it to change my friendships or the way people perceived me, so hence wanting to keep it a 'secret' life. :)

  2. Ooh, I (shyly) loved the movie. I wish I can be a kick ass spy/agent with martial arts skills who can calculate her way out of tight situations. And save the world and be an unsung hero :)

  3. I watched the last episode of Hannah Montana on Saturday Disney last weekend and yes, at 23 years old I bawled because I have been an in the closet fan since I was... cough 19 years old cough. It had nothing to do with a crush on Billy Ray Cyrus either, I just liked the show.

    I like to think I do have a secret life no one knows about. Only it's not so secret... as it's online. I am pretty sure only a handful of people who know me IRL read my blog, therefore it's a mystery to anyone else who doesn't read it :)

  4. Yes, I am not a huge fan of Miley Cyrus. My daughter is 7, and very impressionable and recent media of young Miley has me worried... BUT... my mother tells me she was HORRIFIED when in 1984, at age 6 I requested (obsessed) that for my 7th birthday, all I wanted was the Madonna album, and my favourite song that I would sing everywhere (much to her embarrassment) was "like a virgin". So, upon hearing about my Madonna absession from my Mum, I realised that Hannah Montanna IS NOT that bad hahaha! I need to lighten up a bit, and just parent responsibly!
    My secret life would definatley be as a writer! My blog (although I don't put much time into it while at Uni with 3 little ones at home) is a secret place for me, I have not had the confidence to put my name to it, I am just feeling my way, and my family and friends don't know I write it, I don't think they do anyway haha!

  5. I can't tell you that Caz - it's a secret...remember!! But I would love to win this - I don't mind Hannah Montana. My rule about these types of tween shows is that the characters have to live at home with their parents. The shows where the kids have gone away to star on TV shows or travel around on cruise ships (yes, you know the ones I'm talking about!) - are banned in my house. But Hannah is okay :-)
    I see Blogger still has got the stick out of it's (ahem) butt...apparently I was in quite a mood this morning (tee hee!!)

  6. If I had the opportunity
    to have a secret hidden identity
    without a doubt it would have to be
    that I am really.....
    I dream of Jeannie
    I know who would have thought that blonde was me!
    I hide the secret well you see ;-)

  7. I'd like to be a secret spy agent

  8. my daughters would watch this all day if I won this....I might actually be able to use it to bribe them into doing housework for me.

    I might be a mummy by day but at night I am a famous movie star who is chased by the paparazzi

  9. I'd be a singer just like Miley!

    Piccola_nippy (at) yahoo (dot) com


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