Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lost for words - literally!

I don't know about you but I've been having one of those weeks.  You know the ones that feel like you're stuck on a revolving treadmill of sanity stretching?  Of cause I should say it has had its highs, like being chosen as one of Kids Spots 50 Top Bloggers - now that was  a totally unexpected thrill!  And it has also had its funny moments, like the pinks naming their granny's new kitten "pat the cat" - evidently after Post Man Pat and his black and white cat. But generally speaking it has been  long and draining and focused mainly around renovations involving ear splitting jackhammers and computer crashes that all but wiped out my digital piggy bank of life.

Funnily enough one of the first things that happens to me when life throws these curve ball weeks at me is that I lose my writing mojo. I've sat down to write blog posts on several occasions over the past few days and found there is nothing happening.  It's almost like I can hear static in my mind when I try to tune into my writing channel.  To be honest I'm even struggling to get this post out.  Its all rather odd to me - because I am word girl!  I love words and usually they love me - but not right now.    Words are not something I can force out either, if I do the result is clunky and not worth inflicting on you!  So for now my words are limited.  Maybe the noise from the jackhammers is responsible or perhaps my writing mojo was contained in the hard drive of my now dead laptop (RIP little laptop!)  I really don't know but for now let's just say my words have gone fishing and leave it at that.



  1. I know exactly how you feel! Will look forward to reading your words when they return to you x

  2. gee jack hammers heh? can't imagine why you've lost your train of thought??

  3. I hope your words come home soon! Fishing is boring anyway ;)

  4. I have had times like this where I feel really distracted and unable to write something I'm happy with. Can you go somewhere and wi-fi it? Somewhere the girls can have a play and leave you with a little bit of peace (I'm even thinking macca's here). Only two days to go and it's the weekend! Take it easy on yourself xx

  5. Huge hugs. I'm sure you'll find it again - I have those times too!

  6. Oh no worries Caz, you're allowed to take some time out, it sounds like you've got a huge amount going on right now.
    You know I am bit worried about how I'm going to maintain my blogging mojo once I return to work. It sounds funny, but when I'm at home full time, my thoughts and feelings flow, because I'm in a rhythm. I know only too well the chaos that creeps in when I'm at work, spending 10 hours a day away from home. Things will suffer as a result... hopefully not my blog :o(
    Take care Caz :o)

  7. Well done on the award!

    I'm sure all of us have suffered from blogger block before.

  8. Hi Caz. It's ok to not have words some days. Maybe they are the days you are meant to 'enjoy the view'. Take a deep breath and look around you. whether it be looking up at the sky, or at something precious in your home or garden. Jane x

  9. sometimes I can't think straight enough to write - I just ahev to wait till the flow flows again... good luck with the jackhammer!


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