Monday, May 16, 2011

Product Reviews: Two Top Pre-School Toys

As you may remember I recently attending a lovely blogger brunch organised by Kids Business  and sponsored by Room to Grow  and Kleenex Mums.  A little catch up post  if you missed out on hearing about how much fun it was.    Due to the amazing generosity of several major brands that attended I brought home an pretty impressive collection of toys and other bits and bobs to be tested out on my very own product review team (AKA the three pinks).  Just a reminder of what it looked like.

The review team have now had over a week of serious playtime with the products and are now ready to make their report.  There were a couple of clear stand out products which have been played with all week long and scored highly on both the fun and quality factors. So these are the ones I'll share with you. 

I will admit had never heard of the BRUDER range of toys prior to the blogger brunch (maybe because I have pinks not blues?) but this is a brand I will be searching out in the future.   This yellow Mercedes Sprinter Van was an instant hit with the girls and  has been played with and squabbled over daily since it came to live with us. (Hang on - is that a good thing?).  The quality is excellent and that, in combination with the amount of play-time it receives, makes it worth spending money on - in my opinion.  Bruder make a very wide range of mostly vehicle based toys (tractors, trucks, 4 wheel drives and farm machinery) and as their slogan says they really do appear to be  'Just like the Real Thing'.  Even the Dear One (who drove a Sprinter for years) was impressed with the design and quality.

Hasbro's Play-Doh range has been around for a long time - but it's still a winner at our house.  This little kitchen set has provided lots of hours of creative play and entertainment this week.  I've been served up  meal upon meal  of pancakes, fruit and toast (I love the little toaster #tocute!).  All of the little implements are good quality and easy for little fingers to use.  I especially like the idea of using this particular sized item for birthday presents within the pre-school set!  Not too expensive, creative and hours of entertainment.  I will buy more of Play-Doh's toy range - though I will continue to make my own pay dough (despite being reminded of my own childhood by the smell of the Hasbro play-doh that came with the set).

If I finish this post without mentioning Pink Poppy the biggest pink probably won't talk to me for a week - so here it is miss almost seven.  Pink Poppy's range of bags, stationery, hair clips and all things girly have besotted her to the point where their catalogue and the beautiful gift they sent home had disappeared into her room long before I got a chance to check them out!  However, if the opinion of seven year old holds weight - they too are a real winner.

On a personal note I also loved some of the Kleenex goodies and the delicious Mrs Mays Healthy Snacks that were in our attendee goodie bags.   Good products that again I will purchase in the future.

So that's a wrap of the top products.  Once again thank-you to Kids Business for putting on a lovely get together and to all of the brands who presented for the courteous and friendly approaches they made.  Well done all involved I say!


  1. Oooooh! I really love Pink Poppy products and so do my girls. They are just gorgeous! It sounds like you received a lovely stash of kids toys - lucky you!

  2. Great review Caz. I have a 3yo boy and many friends who have boys and I haven't come across the Bruder range yet either. Will have to keep an eye out for it from the sounds of it though - always on the look out for good quality products that stand the test of kids.

  3. Thanks Ladies :) I'm sure I'll be buying more Pink Poppy and Bruder in the near future!! Thanks again for dropping by!

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome day! love the goodie bag and the products. What a wonderful treat for your cherubs xx

  5. Hi Caz, we are so glad Ms Seven loved our Pink Poppy goodies. We have loads of eye catching, age appropriate accessories and toys for little girls. We'll keep you posted so you can have a sneak peak.

  6. I think those Bruder vehicles were the big winner of the day! My girls love and fight over ours too!


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