Saturday, May 14, 2011

The unbalanced mummy blogger

I new that one day the point would come when I'd have to sit down and have a serious talk with myself (as you do) about my little pink blog.   And yesterday, with a little helping hand from the blogger crash, that day arrived.  I've grown to love my little patch of bloggy world and all of the bits and bobs that come along with it. But as you may well be aware, if left unchecked, a love affair with a blog can do some serious damage to your time management systems.

My pinks always have and always will be the highest priority in my life - and that is the way it should be.  So in the past blogging has just fitted in around their needs.  But as you get more invested in your blog it starts to demand more time and you eventually reach that point where you have to ask yourself some serious questions.  Why do I blog?  What do I want from my blog?  And just how much time do I want to commit to running it?  

Have you ever noticed just how easy it is for your blog to eat up all  the spare time in your day? Or maybe that really is just me!    Big gulp ...... I need set myself some blogging boundaries and find the all important balance.  In the past I've been able to just float through blogging,  fitting it in during the gaps in my day, but now things are different.   The Dear One and I have had 'that' discussion about how much time I'm spending F2S (face to screen).  Apparently a little bit much.  So  now it's time to focus on a planned approach to my love affair with my blog,  one which also nurtures my other great love affair - with my family.  

Having figured this out now I just need to work out how I'm going to make it happen.   This could be tricky.  Early mornings? (That would be mean really early as the pinks are up at 6.00am).  After the kids are in bed? (I'm usually brain dead about then so it isn't going to be a great time to produce fabulous witty posts.) Maybe an hour in the afternoon while the kids have their TV time?  I'm really not sure how I'm going to make this happen.   How do you manage to keep your blogging habits family friendly?  Do you have a special approach or do you just float on through like I've  been doing?   Come on people, share some secrets with me - tell me how you achieve mummy blogger balance.


  1. I'm kind of at this stage too. Until now my blogging has fitted around the kids, and has been kind of a journal of our lives. But now Maid In Australia is getting noticed by PR companies and getting awards (squee) it's time to consider whether it's worth investing more time into it as an income-earning/work proposition. If only I could be paid to blog, I think the balance would be perfect!

  2. I think a lot of mums are faced with that challenge. my blog is new, it's still fitting in, but between that, checking emails, facebook etc etc, I know the feeling.

  3. My blogging habits aren't family friendly. Not really. I don't have set times. And that's why it's not quite working for me. I snatch time here and there... which is not really good for creativity. Hope you get the balance sorted! I think the question is kind of like "how long is a piece of string?" because it is going to always depend on the family dynamics and other work commitments, as well as the direction you want to head your blog and what you have built it to already. x

  4. Such a good question. I find it constantly changes. But right now I tend to write my posts the night before once the offspring are in bed. I often find a topic or idea comes to me during the course of the day so I let it swirl round in my head a bit. Then (and this is only because I am an early riser) I publish them the next morning before anyone (including our cats) get out of bed. I spend a bit of time then reading other blogs and commenting. This isn't cast in stone. Because as you know with kids "things are subject to change without warning." I love Saturday mornings as it's my time to myself to read and catch up on lots of blogs. I don't know if this is any help whatsoever. Sorry for the mini essay, it just made me think more clearly about what I'm doing!

  5. I know for certain that I spend too much time blogging, tweeting, facebooking (is that a word). It's a hobby that is starting to creep in to the time I should be doing other things like spending time with my kids or housework or errands.

    I have been seriously thinking about doing a schedule and setting aside a certain amount of time each week to write posts then upload them and arrange them to automatically post to the blog on set days.

  6. The never ending question!!

    How to balance blogging, working, and family life.

    So far, I haven't done it very well.
    Housework has suffered greatly as a result. Been feeling like quite the bad wife of late.
    Although I also constantly ask myself the question, will housework complete me? Make me feel as though I am contributing to society.
    No. No it wouldn't.
    Therefore, I've just decided that until I can figure something else out, housework is just going to have to lag behind a little bit.
    Hopefully I can get into a better rhythm soon though, as I'd like to find my dining table under that tower of folded clothes that need putting away...

  7. Great post and something that I think about every day. I'm lucky now that my youngest is at school that I have dedicated time to apply to the blog and my business. But reading other blogs, tweeting and commenting etc does eat into my time. What I'm finding is that I'm reading less and less offline but more online (especially as I now have an iPad and bring that to bed for reading!).

  8. The eternal quest for balance.
    I hope you come closer to finding it.
    And then share how!!

    I whinge that my Hubby is working away at the moment. I don't like it at all - but I also don't feel guilty when I jump into the blog-o-sphere after Magoo is safely tucked into bed.

    Well, I still feel guilty because there's always housework and school work, but I don't have to feel that I'm neglecting my other half.

    24 hours just don't ever seem enough. not if you want to sleep any of them.

    Shar :-)

  9. I don't have set am probably not the kind of person you want as an example. I am very flexible..but my priorities aren't. Work out core priorities and then when the more important things on the list are covered satisfactorally then slot a bit of blogging in here and there..allocate a bit of me time to it! Sometimes I'm here for five mins, sometimes an hour or two..doesn't matter..I enjoy whatever time I allocate to it.

  10. I have always floated on through, but yesterday gave me the same kind of epiphany. I'm going to limit my blog time to whe the kids are in bed (I still have three children young enough to have naps throughout the day) and after they go to sleep at night, and try to limit my social media addictions to ones that can be accessed via iPhone at random "breaks" through the day. Fingers crossed you find a solution!

  11. Oh Caz, such a great post. Often I have wondered how you get around as much as you do... I've been there, and still am constantly re-assessing it. Like just a minute ago I complained to my husband that I just don't have enough time in the day to achieve all my goals. One of them is responding to every comment, and visiting all my favourite blogs. The biggest recent regret - not having time to answer five little questions for the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers. You'd think that would be high priority??? Speaking of the Top 50, I did vote for you the other day. And because my comment is now an essay, here's my post on the very same thing:

    These days, I limit myself to checking my blog and writing after the kids go to bed. Then I have my alarm set for 9pm. That's 1 1/2 hours to blog/read/comment. And I tell you, it's not long enough!


  12. Great post, Caz. This is a conversation I had to have with myself at one point, too.
    For me, I blog mostly at night after Kahlei and Jasper are in bed and Ellie is having some play alone time.
    If I have lots of posts or reviews to do I will also blog in nap time.

  13. I'm having the same dilemma, family is my #1 priority but blogging is my 'me' time and I don't want to give it up. I'm going to re read that Simple Blogging ebook tonight and see if I can find a bit more balance with it. Good luck!

  14. I work full time and since going back to work a few months ago the momentum I was gaining with my blog has pretty much slowed right down and I have been struggling for time and inspiration (also selling our house right now, so that has meant tripple time cleaning and de-cluttering). Today has been a rare day where I've had over an hour to catch up on blog reading and spread some comment love. I don't think there is a magic answer to the balance question, it's all a matter of prioritising and if your blog is important enought to YOU, then you will somehow squeeze in some time for it. My grand plans have tapered down for now, but am hoping to pick up the pace again once life settles a little in our household.

  15. I haven't read all the comments. This is one reason I love WordPress - I sit down and schedule posts, like the 30 day song challenge. Those posts get done in advance and are published on the day/time I want them to. Then I can do as many posts as I want to when inspiration and time allow. On my old blog ( I had a Marketing Monday & Friday Five - these were often scheduled well in advance as I knew what the general topic was for those days.
    All the best finding the balance that works for you & your blog.

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  17. This is a timely post for me as being a newbie I am trying to find that balance without letting work, family, housework etc suffer. And now I have an iphone I am finding myself checking and reading posts at all sorts of times during the day. And my 7 year old son said to me last week "Mum...arn't you too old to be texting all the time"!

  18. This is definitely a conversation being had in this house too. At the moment, I snatch bits of time when I can. However, predominantly, I roughly pre-do most of my posts on Mondays and Tuesdays when Ella is in childcare and Holly is sleeping. Then I polish then a bit when the girls are tucked up in bed after 7pm each night. I'm also lucky that on the days I can't string a sentence together there's always a post there waiting from hubby to be published!
    Best of luck with it, Caz. I do enjoy reading your blog.
    PS. I always find 9.30am and 3.30pm PlaySchool an ideal time to get away with a bit of extra blogging during ``normal'' hours. Maybe this could work.

  19. I fully relate. I was doing ok floating for awhile but I think I am spending way too much time with my face in my netbook. Good Post.
    I need to set myself a better schedule.

  20. I tend to read/comment in short bursts during the day of no more than 15 or 20 minutes at a time. If I'm up before about 6:15 I'll have a look then. Otherwise it's during naptime and while Meerkat's in the bath, or after the kids are in bed (longer time - when I actually write my own posts). But yes, it eats up time...but it's so much fun!!

  21. I blog mostly at night (when I'm brain dead). And on Thursday when I have an hour break between two dance classes. I bring my netbook and with no internet distractions I usually manage to write a couple of posts. Once I even managed 4. It's much easier just to polish them off later on (when you are brain-dead) than write a whole new post from scratch.

  22. There's meant to be a balance? Oops. I've just been neglecting my child.
    My sense of isolation makes me turn on the computer every day and sneak glances at blogs and twitter and FB... without it, I know I would feel lonely and be back on meds. But I can't really be a Mummy blogger without being a Mummy can I?
    Now that Tricky is more "playful" I will have to scale back my time on here - previously he would happily sit at my feet and play, but now that he's walking, fat chance.

  23. It's a constant battle for me.

    I am up early - 5 am most days - to catch up and comment and blog for an hour.

    Then another hour around lunchtime.

    Then a few hours before bed, when the kids are asleep.

    I don't read as many books as I did, and I watch very little TV. Blogging has replaced TV time...

  24. This is a fab question Caz. It is incredible just how quickly one becomes addicted to blogging. I enjoy blogging for myself and still for the same reasons, in that I like to keep a kind of journal of the events that shape my life and the boy's lives
    However, I am also very addicted to reading other people's blogs. I like to blog hop and read other blogs that are not necessarily on my list of faves and I have found myself picking up extra blogs here and there... that also become my faves! Yes, it's addictive.
    I try to do MOST of it at night. Though I sometimes sneak a couple of minutes here and there throughout the day.
    Hubby also makes the odd wise crack about spending time with him and not on the 'information superhighway'... Hah! At least we can still have a joke about it... for now! ;o)


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