Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What this blog means to me.

As you know by the pretty little badge up to the right this year I was nominated as one of Kidspot's 50 Top Bloggers .  Now I'm still a little stunned this actually happened but incredibly thankful to the 36 people who have voted for me and to Kidspot.  I may be towards the bottom of the leaderboard but frankly - it really is a thrill just to be nominated. (Haven't you always wanted to say that!)  Today I thought I'd share with you my Kidspot spiel - just for fun.  It explains a lot about why and how I blog and what my blogging means to me.  So sit back and have a read.

Why do you Blog?

The truth is I started blogging in late 2009 because I wanted to remember just who I was before I got lost in the life of being mummy. I jumped head first and whole heartily into parenthood and after five sleep deprived years my sanity was beginning to feel more than a little stretched. I needed to re-evaluate my perception of being a ‘good mummy’ and begin to rekindle some of my own dreams and desires. What better way than to launch a public blog and share my shortcomings with the world. Viola! The Truth About Mummy came into existence.

What keeps you blogging?

Blogging just seemed a natural fit for someone who has always loved word, writing and the feelings and emotions they can stir up. (And this despite being dyslexic!) For me The Truth About Mummy is an ongoing journey balancing my desire to be a ‘Super Stay-at-Home Mum’ with the need to be recognised for the intelligent and creative person I am. There is enough material just in that one sentence to keep me blogging for years.
But then, after a while you begin to build up a community of other bloggers around you. This wonderful group of people, who are all too willing to share their own short-comings, along with their ideas, insights, skills and discoveries with you. This side of blogging is totally addictive and will keep me coming back again and again. I have learnt from and been inspired by my bloggy buddies in a way I wouldn’t have considered possible until I launched out and got involved. Bloggers, and for me more particularly mummy bloggers, truly are an awesome bunch of top notch human beings.

How do you find the inspiration to blog?

Some days the inspiration is just in you. I’ll wake up and think ‘I need to blog about hatstands and their impact on the modern world’ (not!). I’ll rush through the housework and get the little pinks organised with some craft or creative play just so I can have 30 minutes alone with my laptop and spill my thoughts. Others it’s not as easy. I keep a list of topics I think might be interesting to draw from. But I don’t pressure myself to blog daily because I’d rather blog good quality than drivel. Trust me if I made myself blog daily you’d be getting some drivel now and then. In the most part I blog about my life and normal everyday things that affect us all. So if I look around myself, inspiration is generally not too far away.

How do you overcome bloggers block?

Back away from the computer! To me bloggers block means it’s time to shut the laptop down and go and play with the girls. I don’t try to force words – as I find it just scares them away. If this means I don’t post for the day then I’m totally okay with that. Just getting out and living life is usually enough to scare away bloggers block. After all when I look around my world there is normally plenty of things worthy of writing about.

One of my favourite things to do when I’m feeling a bit word barren is to go for ‘Jog Around the Blogs’ and link up to some of the other fabulous mummy bloggers out there. The mummyblogosphere is just like a massive mums group where you can hop around finding titbits of information and inspiration. And all from the comfort of home - without having to pack the little people in the car or supply coffee and cake for everyone!

What has been your best blogging experience to date?

Well now you have me thinking! Being able to write the blog itself is pretty good and has been instrumental in me finding better balance as a parent. Meeting people and being inspired by them and their stories is pretty awesome too. If I am to be totally honest being approached by Public Relations companies and having goodies arrive at your doorstep is also pretty jolly exciting. But the best experience is totally when people comment on my blog because it has touched them or their lives in some way. That is such a thrilling buzz and makes me want to drag out my good old happy dance shoes and take them for a spin around the house. As they say, comments are what make the blogosphere go round! And just quietly getting the email notifying me that I’d been nominated for the Kidspot 50 Top Blogger competition also brought a rather large smile to my face!


  1. i do love the blogosphere, we are all different yet we share this community between us all.
    well done on being nominated, I am happy to have met you in the blogworld & am off to vote for you now!

  2. I think you totally deserve to be there Caz, no shock at all to me! I've voted for you :o) Good luck lovely!

  3. I love how you write Caz and can totally see why you are in the top 50! You have my vote.

    These questions provide a wonderful opportunity on why we blog. Loved reading your responses.


  4. Hi Caz! Thanks so much for sharing all that about yourself. It's really interesting to learn about why you blog, how you started and what keeps you going. As a new mummy (and new mummy blogger) myself, it makes me feel more connected. Thank you for your kindness.

  5. I tried to vote for you (though I think I already have) but the image above doesn't link over...did you mean that?


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