Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What we did today.

Winter is starting to settle over beautiful Ballarat - and yes it is cold.  Today little pink and I dropped the bigger girls at school and kinder and headed off to wandered, rather briskly, around Lake Wendouree to see what we could see.    

The lake is still not to looking its best following a decade of drought - but it's just magical to see it full to brimming with water again.  Overtime I'm presuming the messy reeds and weeds will disappear again and she'll return to her former beauty.  The black swans don't seem to mind at all.

 The signets are adorable and oh so photogenic.  Don't you just want to pick one up and snuggle it away under your jumper!  Pretty sure little pink would have if I'd let her.

It's just over a 6km walk, perfect for a mummy trying to regain some fitness, and just long enough so you know you've done some exercises when you get back to the car.  Plenty of parks, gardens, playground, cafes and little reason to stop.  A perfect walk really.  You should give it a go if you ever find yourself around this way. 
What did you get up to today?



  1. it sure is getting chilly Caz. Your pics are adorable and well done on the walk in the cold. Love the pic of you. Gorgeous!

    Kellie xox

  2. Those little signets are looking so fuzzy that you'd swear they were really furry! Great walk today.

  3. What a lovely day! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those black swans can be aggressive! Well the ones in Centennial Park near us certainly are... they attack! But the teeny weeny babies are just gorgeous, so cute! I'd say Mummy Swan would be after you if you did try to smuggle one out ;o)
    What a lovely day and great way to burn the calories :o)

  5. Move away from the cygnets! A daddy swan has hissed and chased me trying to photograph his babes before ;) Sounds like a perfect place for an outing

  6. Gorgeous photos! I wish I could do something like this with my kids during the day rather than having to go to work. We'll reserve it for the weekends instead, but unfortunately that leaves us with less time to meander. Thanks for sharing! I'll live vicariously through you for now. :)

  7. Thanks for the comment loving ladies :) It was cold but beautiful too. Yes Missy Boo - I'm always a tad careful around the mummy black swans - I've heard they can get cranky!!

  8. OMG, soooo cute! That must be the very first time I've seen a baby swan! Who on earth had the nerve to call them, the "ugly duckling"! Thanks for sharing your precious day with us. Gorgeous :)

  9. Caz, your pictures show that you are lucky to have he perfect winter walk nearby. I am very envious! x

    PS - 'Hi!' x


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