I started writing The Truth About Mummy in late 2009 in an attempt to reclaim my life.  I love words, writing and the clarity they can bring to a befuddled mummy mind.  Getting lost in the mummyhood was  probably the most challenging and yet rewarding thing that has ever happened to me.  I love my three little pinks to the moon and back - but I also love knowing who I am, what I can do and making a positive contribution to my community.  Balancing these is the the ongoing road I'm  travelling.

The Truth About Mummy is
The Truth About Mummy is the unfolding story on one mummy’s attempt to balance the desire to be a ‘Super Stay-at-Home Mum’ with the need to be recognised for the intelligent and creative person that she was before moving into the mummy-hood. With a cast of the ‘Mummy’, the ‘Dear One’ and the ‘three little pink people’ it is an honest confessional about the good, the bad - and all of the things that come in-between when raising kids in the mummy lane.

Sometimes inspirational, a little educational, but mostly just the sincere reflections from the heart of a mummy striving for the best for herself and her family. You’ll find stories, reviews, ideas, recipes, giveaways and inspirational tales of other extraordinary mummies living their ordinary lives in the mummy-hood.

While a personal ‘mummy blog’ The Truth About Mummy is committed to supporting other mummies searching for the balance needed to be a quality mum and a self-fulfilled person in today’s society. To this end we regularly review and promote the businesses and initiatives of women stepping out and doing things for themselves.

The three little pinks heading for their first swim of the day.